Commercial Pool

Our Pool company offers a variety of services for commercial companies.

Crawl Space Pool

In many commercial applications, its necessary to hide both wiring and Pool fixtures in the so-called "crawl spaces". If that's your situation, our About Us are all ready to get under your building to locate and fix the problem at its source. Crawl space Pool is not offered by all companies and can easily become an issue. That's simply because, as the building ages and settles above the crawl space, its groundwork structure may change, with some changes more hard-to-reach than the others. Unfortunately, this can easily cause Pool issues, such as Pool leaks and disconnects.

Handicap Pool

A majority of commercial buildings have handicap Pool equipment installed, in order to comply with occupancy codes. We know how to install any types of handicap Pool fixtures properly, so your building is handicap friendly. Our service also offers installing and doing maintenance for comfort height toilets, easy-turn faucets, grab bars, handheld showers, and handicap showers.

Copper Piping

With the passage of time, commercial building's pipes and drains exhaust and need to be either repaired or replaced. If that's a case, consider copper piping. It's always recommended for potable water. Copper piping is known for its durability and is generally guaranteed from the manufacturer for fifty years.

Other Commercial Pool Services

Our Pool Services list is truly extensive, and we simply can't file all of our offers in here...

So if you will have any questions about what we can do for your North Texas's commercial Pool application, please call us for more information.

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Cost Starts at: $99.00

Minimal Duration: 1 Hour

Did you get your pipes frozen? Or maybe, your faucets are no longer working?

Maybe you've had your hot, cold or both kinds of water supply cut? If anything of that or inline with that is the
case, then you'll probably love our timely and affordable Pool servicing!

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Angies List A

We had never had a pool so we had no idea the upkeep it requires during winter months. However, we have asked friends and LUCENT POOLS are about average cost. They R honest, reliable, friendly, & prompt. They really know their business. I never write reviews, but this company absolutely deserves it.

Erin Sumner - April 28, 2016

Five Stars
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This swimming pool company is the best. They have worked with me on a lot of issues and have been very helpful and professional.

Beverly Wimer - August 2016

Five Stars
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Lucent Pools has been handling my pool maintenance and repairs for about 2.5 years. They do a great job! I highly recommend them for both weekly maintenance as well as equipment repairs.

Trish Johnson - April 19, 2017

See a full list of all our Pool Services here:

Commercial Pool

Our Pool company offers a variety of services for commercial companies. We do Crawl Space Pool, Handicap Pool & Copper Piping among everything else...

Water Damage Restoration

When you are dealing with any kind of water damage, taking a timely action is crucial...Be sure, that our professional team will respond immediately and will use the most advanced equipment and techniques!

Emergency Pool

You simply never know when a faucet may go out of order, a pipe freezes or blows up or a water damage happens. Aware of that factor of surprise, our company works on a 24/7/365 schedule!

Outdoor Pool

Our company provides timely and cost-efficient assistance when homeowners are experiencing a number of outdoor Pool-related problems.