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We offer maintenance-free pool service all year long. Our service is a flat monthly rate of $150 a month for most pools. Taking care of your pool can be a huge hassle and it can easily get out of control especially in those hot summer months. Let us professionally take care of your pool so you can do what you purchased the pool to begin with: Enjoy and Relax! Leave the maintenance to us! We are fully insured and we are certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation as Certified Pool and Spa Operators. We are experts at keeping your pool clean and more importantly, safe to swim in. We also have experienced technicians to repair all equipment associated with your pool and will have it up and running quickly when repairs are needed. Give us a call today!

Our Monthly Service is a once a week visit that includes:

  • Vacuuming the Pool
  • Backwashing the Filter (For D.E. Filters)
  • Inspecting the Pumps and Equipment
  • Clean Out of All Skimmers
  • Clean Out of All Pump Baskets
  • Clean Out of the Cleaner Bag
  • Adjustments of the Automatic Cleaner
  • Removal of Leaves and Debris from the Water Surface
  • Brushing All Pool Walls, Steps, & Floor
  • Refill Auto Chlorinators with Chlorine Tablets (For Fresh Water Pools)
  • Adjust Salt Levels (For Salt Water Pools)
  • Adjust Chemicals as Necessary
  • Shocking the Pool when Necessary
  • Performing Extensive Water Analysis as Necessary
  • Reporting of Chemical Levels and Notes on Your Pools Health

Reports are given via a door tag that is left on the door after every servicing.






Lucent Pools is certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation